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Lefkowitz Systems Inc.
Accounting Software & Solutions

Lefkowitz Systems, Inc. is an accounting software value-added reseller based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We serve small to medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries. We specialize in the sale, integration and implementation of complex, custom accounting systems. Our typical client has a few, unusual business requirements that off-the-shelf accounting systems cannot satisfy. By integrating a commercial system, 3rd-party enhancements and, if required, custom-written modifications, we deliver custom-fitting systems at off-the-rack prices.  




Older SBT, ACCPAC & Sage Pro

Legacy Accounting System (SBT, ACCPAC or Sage Pro) Support

Are you running SBT VisionPoint®? SBT Pro Series®? ACCPAC Pro®? Sage Pro ERP®? You have come to the right place. Lefkowitz Systems supports these older systems. We can extend the life of your system, enhance it, integrate it with […]


Customized Accounting

Most companies face a few unique or unusual challenges. The things that set it apart from its competitors are often the things that are difficult to manage internally. How should companies meet these challenges? Often the choice is between changing business practices or changing management […]


Accounting Systems

Lefkowitz Systems sells integrated, modular accounting software suitable for small- to medium-businesses. Lefkowitz Systems supports older, legacy accounting software systems for a wide variety of industries.

Accounting Systems

Good accounting systems manage the flow of financial and business information, provide management and staff with meaningful information on […]